2019’s Best in Diabetes Management Apps

Our phones have really taken on so many new purposes that calling them phones is almost ironic. There are even jokes floating around about people not knowing what to do when they get called because it’s way more likely you’ll be texting or on the Internet, as opposed to actually calling someone.

These other utilities might seem extravagant to some, maybe even a waste of time. But then, the power of the smartphone can be used to help someone manage their health status by keeping better track of what’s going on in their body.

Others also have the logical next steps built right into the diabetes apps. Those with diabetes keep careful tabs on their blood sugar levels and always have an eye out for managing their cholesterol.

With these apps, you’ll be able to free up a lot of mental energy:


Available for both Android and iPhone operating systems, MySugr is an excellent app because it can sync directly to a glucose monitor, eliminating the need to manually punch in your results all by yourself.

You can effectively schedule, thanks to the reminders it gives on blood sugar levels after a workout or other strenuous activities. The information is always up-to-date and entirely personalized for you, taking much of the guesswork out of daily blood sugar management.


People with diabetes still want to enjoy themselves and eat some foods they should probably avoid simply because it’s in our nature. Those on medication and already monitoring their levels can get away with this kind of behavior much more easily than those who don’t have it well-managed.

Fooducate provides a massive repository on tons of food items to let you know where it fits in your overall nutritional profile. This way, you can more accurately see exactly what kind of luxuries you can give into.

BG Monitor Diabetes

BG Monitor Diabetes is an Android app for people that want a single consolidated app for whole-spectrum management of diabetes. Carb intake, blood glucose levels, as well as insulin levels, can all be input into the same app.

At this point, you can enter the numbers you’d like to have, and the app will give you a corresponding insulin calculation to make that most possible. It’s much better for managing diabetes over time than some other apps, because it hooks up your information to trends and charts to help you better understand what people in your precise situation should do next.


Technology at our fingertips working to keep type 2 diabetes as managed as possible was an almost unimaginable idea 30 years ago, especially seeing as how just about everyone has access to a smartphone. These apps help take the burden off of yourself, so you can live less inconvenienced by the disease.

It’s an often underestimated part of treatment, yet if the effects of type 2 diabetes were made so minuscule by effectively treating it, how far away is that medically from a cure?

Obviously, they will never be exactly the same by definition, but hopefully, the quality of life will continue to rise for those diagnosed.

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